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About Zombie Meter

Know who is interested : Understanding who is actually visiting your store and their level of interested will tell you if your marketing strategy is on point.

See what they are looking at : Check what attracts the attention of potential buyers not only what has the most views.

Get Weekly Ecommerce Tips : We cover all the basics you should know and give you interesting data, tutorials and case studies from all across the web.


Are there Zombies online?

Yes, yes there are! They are not as scary as their movie/comic book cousins, but unfortunately, they are still harmful - to your online sales.

Zombies are visitors who are not interested in your products - they don’t stay long in your store and don’t browse more than the first page they saw. To successfully increase your revenue You have to know how interested in your products are your visitors.

That’s where Zombie Meter helps out. We analyze your visitors in real-time and instantly segment them into 5 groups to help you better understand what they want without spending days on understanding how your analytics work and which parameters are important.

You can find out where the zombies come from and which products are the most interesting for your non-zombie potential customers.

Who else is visiting my store?

We segment your visitors into 5 groups:

  • Zombies - guests who are visiting your store for the first time in 90 days, stay on your store for less than 10 seconds, don’t engage in any action (don’t scroll down the product page, won’t click the photo, etc) and then leave
  • Half-Zombies - guests who are visiting your store for the first time in 90 days, check only 1 page but seem to be interested - stay longer than 10 seconds and/or engage in any action (scroll down the product page, click the photo, etc) before leaving
  • Potential customers - guests who are visiting your store again or are for the first time, but are interested in your products (check out more than 1 page per visit) but don't add it to the cart or buy
  • DropOuts - guests who added a product to the cart but left without paying
  • Clients - guests who bought a product

How does it work?

We add a small code to your website - we do it by ourselves when you install the Zombie Meter app - no coding or any configuration on your part is required. We gather information about the behavior of your guests when they visit. Then analyze it on our infrastructure and present the results in the app section of your store. In other words: magic.

The analysis is done on the fly - that means, unfortunately, that we can only monitor the zombies that are coming to your store from the moment you install ZombieMeter - we can't analyze any historical data.

We also provide you with tips and links to articles and videos which explain - one bite at a time - how the world of e-commerce works. The articles and videos are made by different online creators but are verified by our team. We choose only the best so you don’t have to waste your time. Our 5+ years of e-commerce & marketing experience helps with finding great value in the sea of sales content.

We have a 14 day free trial period so you can check out how the app works.

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September 26, 2018
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