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About TikTok Pixel & Facebook Pixel

Better Ad Tracking Attribution : Increase your ROAS, make data-driven decisions & save your time. We track ads with first party data metrics. Get better analytics for ads.

TikTok Pixel Conversion API : Fully integrated TikTok server-side tracking for your store with the highest accuracy possible. Don't miss valuable data with TikTok pixels.

Facebook Pixel Conversion API : Enjoy Facebook pixel server-side purchase tracking, take the full potential of your data. fully integrated for the iOS 14 update.

Facebook TikTok Pixel Conversion API UTMs
Zoex - Conversion API - Pixel - Facebook Pixel - UTMs

Maximize your ROAS with data-driven decisions

Zoex is not just another Facebook pixel app... By using our first-party pixel you can finally make data-driven decisions like the good old days before iOS 14.5. Stop guessing and focus on increasing ROAS with ads you know for sure are working.

Here’s quick 6 reasons why you should choose Zoex:

Metrics Pixel For Data Analytics, Attribution & Ad Reports

With our first-party pixel, we are able to track every campaign, ad set, and ad. This will allow you to get better data so you can make better decisions based on that data. Metrics currently supports: Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads.

Live View Orders Attribution

Zoex lets you see your orders attribution live view. You can easily see from which social media platform the order came. Supported channels: Klaviyo, Facebook, TikTok, Google, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Ads A/B Testing with accurate data

Zoex makes your ads testing easier, by displaying accurate data for each ad set and creative. Don't worry anymore about potential attribution missing.

Facebook Pixel & TikTok Pixel Support

Zoex providing a powerful tool to track your visitors, and retarget your audience with fear of missing data. Marketing platforms currently supported: Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, Pinterest Pixel(Soon), Snapchat Pixel(Soon).

Facebook Conversion API (iOS Update)

Zoex provide an easy way to solve the iOS update issue with Facebook Conversion API method to server-side tracking conversions without missing any valuable data.

Facebook Multi Pixel & TikTok Multi Pixel Support

Zoex support multiple pixels to safeguard your data with different ad accounts or business managers. Also multi pixels is great for general store with couple niches that need a pixel to track different niches.

TikTok Conversion API (iOS Update)

Same as for Facebook Conversion API, Zoex is providing the same solution for iOS update with TikTok Conversion API. So don't worry about missing valuable data.

Zoex Multi Pixel Tracking Tool Built By Marketers

Zoex is built by team of marketers that understand how much data is valuable on the eCommerce digital area, and if we can maximize it we'll do everything for that.

Supported Channels: TikTok, Facebook

5-Star Customer Support

Empower your marketing to succeed at lightning speed. Helping you grow is our #1 priority.

Zoex Upcoming Features:

  • Google Integration
  • Snapchat Integration
  • Better Reports
  • Your idea?

Note sure? Give it try and see yourself!

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