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Expert Targeting : With Zero's expert targeting system you can create separate bars based on country, product, page, and even device. Don't limit yourself!

Customizable & Effortless : Customize the bar to match your company brand, or use our premium templates to add some personality during holidays or special events.

Boost Conversions & AOV : Progressive goal countdowns keep your customer's focussed on filling up their cart to be rewarded. Take control of your conversions.


Free shipping has become an expectation in this new online shopping world. With fluctuating and often expensive shipping rates, offering free shipping on all orders is often not cost effective. Take a hint from the large retailers and start rewarding your customers with free shipping after they spend a certain amount.

With Zero you can create bars that update automatically, showing your customer how much they have left until they get free shipping. These visual cues are incredibly important in keeping your customers focussed and engaged with their shopping experience. Once they hit the goal, the bar will show a customized congratulation message, letting them know they've been rewarded with free shipping. It's truly that easy!

Bundled with incredible features like geotargeting, scheduled releases, premium themed templates, and device targeting, you can be sure that you're showing the right bar to the right people to get the most value and conversions possible.

One-Click Install

No coding required! That's right - don't worry about installing scripts or editing your themes. Zero works seamlessly with your store without being intrusive. No messy instruction booklet required!

Your Brand, Not Ours

We know how annoying it can be when you find that perfect app only to install it and find that they've slapped their brand & logo all over it. Not only does it make your site look unprofessional, it can hurt your conversions. We take pride in not branding your store - even in the free plan!


Accounting for the different countries and currencies can be difficult and costly. Given that shipping costs vary greatly among the different countries, it's important that you account for this. Zero makes this easy by letting you decide which country you want to show for each bar. This will allow you to specify a different free shipping goal for each country. No more loss of revenue just to keep your customer's happy!

Schedule Releases

Have a special free shipping goal you're going to run for a specific holiday or event? Set up your bars to start and end at specific times using whatever timezone you'd like. No more forgetting to turn on that special event bar, let Zero's automated releases handle it!

Premium Templates

Our curated library of premium templates has exactly what you need for that special occasion. With holiday, event, and abstract themed templates, there is something for everyone and every event.

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February 22, 2019
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