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Amplify Product Engagement with Q&A, Reviews, and Comments

About Zeeker: Q&A and Reviews Button

Q&A and Reviews : Add product-specific Q&A and Reviews to each product. Zeeker will also add Q&A and review structured schema to your website to improve SEO.

Mobile-Friendly : Zeeker is a small button that sits at the bottom of each page. The button is tucked to the side and even smaller in mobile screens.

Simple Set-up : Simply install the Zeeker App and you are all set! No account creation & no sign-up. Customize, moderate, & analyze through the dashboard.


Zeeker is a powerful, all-in-one Shopify Q&A and reviews plugin that is encapsulated in a small, non-disruptive button.

By adding Zeeker to your store, you will help your customers understand your products better by allowing them to communicate with each other and your team through Q&A, reviews, and comments. Your store visitors can ask questions, get responses, and submit product reviews with ease. The button scrolls with the user, making it easy for them to readily access Q&A and reviews about the product they are viewing.


Zeeker consists of a completely customizable button and an in-page engagement space that opens when the Zeeker button is clicked on. The engagement space allows users to view existing posts (Q&A, reviews, and comments) and add their own. The conversations are auto-moderated for spam and profanity. You can view, moderate, and reply to any posts on your website through the dashboard.

SEO Boost

Zeeker will automatically inject Q&A and reviews submitted on a page as a structured schema meta-object into the HTML of the page. By doing so, the search ranking of your website will go up. This is an optional feature that can always be disabled.

Main Features:

  • Non-Disruptive: Users only see a button at the bottom right of the webpage. When clicked on, a discussion forum opens as an in-page popover, which the user can easily close.

  • Completely Customizable: You pick the color and style of the discussion button and box. You can also choose the placement of Zeeker on your webpage (left, right).

  • Looks Amazing on Mobile: Zeeker is designed to use the limited space on phones efficiently. The button occupies little space and the discussion box can be opened and closed with a single tap.

  • Secure & Private: We take security & privacy very seriously. We don’t collect or store any data other than the comments posted in the widget. And an encrypted channel is used to communicate between our server and the widget.

  • Intuitive: Users will find the widget very easy to use. It is packed with the right features to make conversations fun, accessible, and convenient.

  • Moderated: Zeeker is built for civil discussions. It has features to automatically prevent spam, profanity, and hate speech. In addition, you are also able to manually moderate comments and reply to them.

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April 04, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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