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Offer multiple discounts and offers with just one app

About All‑in‑1 Discounts & Offer

Simple to use : Tired of complicated configuration in other apps? Our app is simple to use, yet powerful enough for your promotional needs.

All-in-one discount solution : Create tiered discount, upsell & cross-sell offers and volume discounts with just one app. More discount types are coming soon!

Seconds to install : Forget about manual installation. Our app installs itself. With a few mouse clicks, you are ready to launch your first offer!

All-in-1 Discounts & Offer

Looking for different types of discounts and offers?

You are in the right place! Your company and businesses can benefit a lot from appealing to customers with unique discounts and offers.

While Shopify is great in many areas, it only provides coupon codes and limited automatic discount.

With our app, instead of compromising with limited discount options, you can launch tiered discount, upselling & cross-selling, volume offers and so much more.

Tiered Discount

  • Reward your customers' loyalty by setting up tiers for your store
  • Customers in tiers (e.g. VIP) can enjoy discounts for their future purchase.
  • If multiple tiers are in place, a purchase means more than just buying stuffs, but a form of progression and accumulation in your store. Your customers are motivated to move up and purchase more for higher discounts.

  • E.g. Set up Bronze(10% discount, for those who spend more than $500), Silver(20% discount, for those who spend more than $1000) and Gold(30% discount, for those who spend more than $1500) tiers for your store .

Upsell & Cross-sell

  • Promote extra items to customers after they add products to cart!
  • When they decide to add your products to cart, you have earned their trust. So this is the best timing for you to come closer, offer more great products and these all mean higher conversion rate!
  • E.g. Cross-sell a customer with phone stands when he/she buys phone cases

Volume Discount

  • Give discounts when a customer buys the same item in bulk. It's a win-win for both you and your customers, as they enjoy the discount, while you have more revenue per order.
  • E.g. If a customer buys 2 pieces for an item, he/she gets $10 off for each. If he/she buys 3 pieces, he/she gets $15 off for each.

Stacked Discounts & Offers

  • What if your customer is a VIP and buys the same item in bulk at the same time? Let them enjoy both types of discounts!
  • Our app allow stacked discounts, and your customers can enjoy more than 1 type of discount in each purchase. This means happy customers and happy customers mean higher conversion rate for your store.
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May 10, 2021
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