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Let your shoppers share their cart for others to pay for them

YouPay - You shop, they pay

YouPay gives online shoppers an easy way to send their cart to someone else for payment. Grow your store’s sales and empower your customers with YouPay’s multiplayer shopping experience today!

Companies like Culture Kings, LSKD, and the Lad Collective are actively reaping the rewards of YouPay.

So, what's the fuss about?

How YouPay Makes Your Customers Smile

  1. Give your customers an all-new path to purchase - YouPay lets your shoppers share their carts with other people – friends, family, partners, professionals, fans and so much more – and let someone else pay for it quickly and securely. With YouPay, online shopping is a multiplayer experience!

  2. Sharing is caring - YouPay's cart sharing experience gives your customers the flexibility to change how people shop for themselves and others on your store and beyond. Welcome to the future of online shopping.

  3. Made for the everyday - YouPay is perfect for special occasions like dropping birthday hints to loved ones (or nailing your anniversary gift for once) as well as streamlining everyday purchases like work, home and social expenses.

  4. Safe and secure - No personal details are shared between shoppers and payers – and vice versa – during any step of the YouPay process, so carts can truly be created by and shared with anyone.

  5. We share carts, not debt - Along with the financial freedom of having the option to share your cart at any time, letting someone else pay means no insidious debt, giving your customers peace-of-mind and more reasons to shop in your online store.

How YouPay Grows Your Business

  1. Convert those pesky abandoned carts - By giving shoppers the option to seamlessly share their personal carts and someone else pay for their order after it has been abandoned, YouPay brings abandoned carts back to life – and gives you another shot at converting.

  2. Unlock new audience segments with every order - YouPay’s multiplayer functionality delivers customer data for both the shopper and the payer, giving you the potential to double your customer acquisition with every order and unlock entirely new audience segments.

  3. Simple integration - YouPay isn’t just easy to use for your customers, it’s easy for you to seamlessly integrate with your online store and start harnessing the power of multiplayer shopping.

  4. Works with existing processes - There’s no need to overhaul your entire website – YouPay works with existing eCommerce platforms.

  5. Dashboard integration - Statistics are easily accessible within the YouPay Dashboard, so you can see the benefits that multiplayer shopping is reaping for your business, as it happens.

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March 31, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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