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Sync your product catalog to Yext and power dynamic search

About Yext Product Catalog Sync

Drive operational efficiency : Any changes made to your product data in Shopify will sync automatically to the Yext Knowledge Graph — without manual oversight

Improve conversion : Populate direct answers in your search experience with rich, accurate product information and calls to action that drive more clicks to buy

Reduce support costs : Answer more first-line questions in search to help prevent shoppers from defaulting to costly call centers or clunky, frustrating chatbots


Improve the shopper journey and maximize Shopify store conversion with dynamic product search results. The Yext Product Catalog Sync pulls your product data from your Shopify product catalog into Yext to power rich search experiences with Yext Answers.

What is Yext?

Today’s shopper journey starts with a question — and your customers expect answers in their moment of intent. Convert and retain more direct business when you power your site search experience with Yext Answers, a natural language search engine for your website that helps consumers convert — right in the search results.

The Yext Knowledge Graph is a relational database purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your brand — and the relationships between them — so that natural language systems like search engines and other customer experiences can understand and respond to the questions that today’s consumers are asking.

Key features of Answers:

  • Answers Not Links: When you ask a question about products, you want an answer about how or where to purchase that product, not a long list of blue links. Yext Answers returns direct answers to shopper's queries in the form of rich content like knowledge cards, maps, and other relevant results.

  • Natural Language Understanding: Yext Answers uses artificial intelligence to put unstructured natural language into context, determine general customer intent, and return results that best respond to each query.

  • Federated Architecture: You shouldn’t have to hunt for the right search bar on a website in order to get information. Yext Answers consolidates vertical searches into a single search bar, so shoppers can search for anything in one interface: products, events, locations, and more.

  • Faceted Search: Yext Answers uses dynamic filters that update depending on a shopper’s search.

  • Spelling Correction: Yext Answers automatically corrects misspellings in each query and suggests "Did You Mean" alternatives in the results for query refinement.

  • Query Rules: Boost or bury results to tailor them to each user, and configure rules to augment the search algorithm so shoppers can override results depending on the search term.

  • Location Personalization: Yext Answers detects a shopper’s location to inform search results and return geographically relevant information.

  • Vertical Search: Yext Answers isolates a shopper’s search to a single entity type—like locations, professionals, or products—and adjusts the UI accordingly.

  • Answers Analytics: Yext Answers aggregates data to identify trends like popular search terms, customers’ locations, exact results returned, clicks on every entity, actions taken per each click, and much more.

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November 25, 2020
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