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Increase sales with word-of-mouth recommendations with rewards

About YEAY Video Reviews

Authentic brand advocacy : Access free, agile, user-generated recommendations

Better marketing ROI : Build trust and increase conversion through word of mouth

Loyal customers : Reward and retain customers for recommending what they love


Encourage your own customer to become your brand ambassadors with YEAY Video Reviews.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are an effective form of advertising, where real users talk about why they love your product. The YEAY Video Review system brings engaging technology, video, to these recommendations.

  • Select your most enthusiastic customer to record a recommendation using online tools. Once these recommendations are checked to ensure they come across and genuine, honest, engaging and at least 4 stars, you can use these videos on your website and other channels to promote your products.
  • Seeing other, real users recommend your products will bring new customers and boost conversion rates.
  • With the built is processes on YEAY and the WOM Protocol, your customers can even be rewarded for their efforts.


WOM is a reward system built into the heart of the YEAY Video Review system, and your customer is rewarded based upon their videos ability to attract and convert new people into customers. They are able to use their rewards for discount in your shop, if you wish, and at other YEAY partner sites. They can even redeem these points for gifts cards in their local currency.

WOM Campaign Manager

Additionally, the WOM Campaign Manager gives you the tools to control what videos are included and how you wish them promoted. You also gain access to other channels, like the YEAY app, where you can use your customers reviews to attract new customers.

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Launch date
December 10, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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