Shopify App : Yakit landed cost for shipping

Collect shipping+duties for your DHL/FedEx/UPS accts..ship DDP

About Yakit landed cost for shipping

Landed cost boosts conversions : Accurate shipping cost taking into account dimensionality protects your profits. Duties and taxes assures buyers & boosts cart conversions.

Free shipping works : Set up Free shipping to boost conversions further. Weekly statistics show how your Free shipping promo performed.

Boost Average Order Value : With landed cost and Free shipping promo with thresholds by country, your Average Order Value goes up - guaranteed.


Simple install

  • Install the Shopify App
  • Sign up on landing page, plug in your DHL Express account number
  • Make sure "Carrier Services" is turned on in Shopify
  • Your cart will start showing shipping Quotes with duties/taxes.

App uses your own DHL Express account

  • Must be a DDP account
  • App serves up your rates - you can markup / markdown shipping including set up "Free" shipping
  • Multi-currency supported

Show accurate landed costs "Quotes" in shopping cart

  • No prelearning needed - app continuously learns your products
  • Accurate duties and taxes for over 200 countries including MFN and tariffs

Optionally print labels and ship

  • App pushes accurate data includng HS codes, commercial invoices into DHL and generates DDP/PLT labels.
  • Single label for most countries - all data pushed electronically into DHL
  • Alternatively use your own shipping tool - just use the App for Quotes.

Weekly analytics

  • Your PnL - how much you collected and how much you paid to DHL, so you can manage your shipping and duties/taxes
  • Cart conversion rates by country
  • Average order value by country - experiment with Free shipping with thresholds to see it zoom.
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Launch date
December 01, 2020

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