Shopify App : XCHANGE Integration

Connect your store to XCHANGE for automatic order processing

Automate software license acquisition via XCHANGE

Why do you need XCHANGE Integration?

Are you a reseller on XCHANGE Market? If so, you can use this app to automatically reserve software license codes for each order and have it displayed to your customer. Not currently on XCHANGE but you sell music software online? Visit and see how your business can be improved by joining XCHANGE. This app will not do anything for you unless you are connected to XCHANGE however.

XCHANGE Integration Features

  • Link your existing Shopify products with XCHANGE products
  • Automatically get software license codes for orders that contain linked XCHANGE products
  • Show your customers their software licenses in their order status page

XCHANGE Marketplace

  • Connects the largest music software vendors with music retailers
  • Delivers software license codes instantly
  • Allow your customers to buy software from your store and get their codes with 24/7 product delivery
  • Massive catalogue of products covering DAWs, plugins, libraries, notation, and more

How to use XCHANGE Integration

  • Setup products in your Shopify store to represent products in your XCHANGE Price List
  • Link your Shopify products to the relevant XCHANGE Sku
  • Update your order status template to display the license codes once they become available
  • All orders that have linked XCHANGE products will now automatically get the right license codes and display them to your customer
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Launch date
September 29, 2022

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