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Reduce shipping errors with scanning technology

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About Worry Free Shipping

Error Free Shipping : Never ship the wrong item to a customer again. With barcode scanning, your shipping errors will disappear.

Hassle Free Returns : Create return labels right from the original order. Then use our return manager to track return statuses.

Multiple Stores One Location : Connect unlimited stores and have all of your orders in a single place.

Integrations UPS FedEx Endicia

Take your worries away

If you ship product you understand errors can happen. Worry Free Shipping was created to eliminate those errors.

Scan Products

We give you the ability to scan the barcodes on your products to ensure every product is correct. If you scan the wrong product, we have a warning that will not let you advance until you accept the error. Need to ship more than one of a single product? No problem, you will not be able to continue without marking the shipment as partial or scanning the second product.

Connect your own carriers

Bring your own rates over to our platform. We support the shipping carriers below:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Endicia (USPS)
  • (USPS)

Free Account

Everyone who signs up gets a free account. ($15.99 value)

Truly free trial

Our trial is unique. We allow you to import up to 20 orders to test our site. If you do not like our app, you will not be charged. As long as you do not change your plan, there is no auto-renew on our trial.

Returns are a breeze

If a customer is unhappy with their product, we allow you to create a return label right from the order. This return label will always be present on the order for easy record keeping. Our returns manager lets you know the status of every return.

Put orders on hold

Have you ever had an order that you did not want to be shipped? With us all you have to do is mark the order on hold. We even let you enter a reason so everyone knows the issue.

Unlimited stores

On some of our plans you can connect all of your stores. That means all of your orders in one centralized place. No more jumping back and forth between stores.

Ship non orders

Ever need to ship something to a customer but the order has already been fulfilled? We have you covered. With our easy ship non orders page, you can create a label and get the package out the door.

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Launch date
October 16, 2018

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