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Incentivize users to convert through meaningful discounts!

About Wordle: The Popular Word Game

Provide discounts in-game! : Customers love the game Wordle. They win wordle on your store and get a discount. They will use the discount and convert faster!

Fun way to boost conversion : Winning a discount using one's skills makes them more inclined to buy your products with it, helping you increase purchase satisfaction.

Increase average session time : A game of wordle takes more that a minute to complete. Well, that would increase your average session time, improving your SEO score!

Ecommerce gaming increases view time

Wordle: Gamified Discounts - The Popup Game to Boost Conversion

Are you trying to find creative games to increase interaction or provide discounts to your visitors? Need to increase the session time of your traffic (good for SEO)? Use the popular game, Wordle, to drive interaction time and reward users for doing so!

Our developer team is fast and passionate, here are our recent updates-

NEW- Our Wordle app now has a free plan too!

NEW- Remove the 'Powered by OhKommerce' branding from the popup (premium)

NEW- Customize the words you want your customers to play Wordle with (premium)

These changes help premium customers brand their store better and were made with the feedback of our initial users. We love constructive feedback here at OhKommerce!

Major Benefits of The Wordle Game Popup

  • Users engage with our game and spend more time on your website, this helps improves your SEO ranking
  • Provide a fun gamified experience and flow to your store, improving customer referrals and retention
  • Optimize your discount strategy by gamifying your experience
  • Fit the game to your app by customizing words to fit your store's theme


  • Capture more subscribers: Engage visitors with interactive pop-ups and offers
  • Increase store conversions: Winning something you put your heart into feels amazing! Earning a discount code will excite winners to buy from your store.
  • Drive up cart value: Users will appreciate the discount they won and will likely purchase more.

Note: The wordle popup only appears on desktop for now, our team is working on bringing it to mobile too!

We are actively improving the app, please send us your ideas and features you need from us! Our support is active on Canadian business hours.

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April 06, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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