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About Wizio: Post Purchase Upsell

One click post purchase upsell : Display an offer before/on thank you page after customer confirm the order. Customer can accept / decline the offer product with one click.

Upsell to Increase AOV : Make more money from same traffic by using non-intrusive upsell, cross sell offers. It ultimately increases Average Order Value (AOV).

Boost sales instantly : Create offer product with number of eligibility rules where you can create offers as promotions after checkout, like BOGO, Free gifts, etc.

native one click post purchase and thank you page upsell

Sell more with native one click post purchase upsell as known as aftersell offers which increases average order value (AOV)

Why Wizio: Post Purchase Upsell ?

  • Free to start
  • Create unlimited offers
  • Upsell / cross-sell offer editor
  • 20+ eligibility rules / Product, collection, quantity, and cart value triggers to show offer
  • Use same traffic, no extra effort required to upsell
  • Offer multiple time for same order based on Accept / Decline offer (Upsell / Downsell offre). Add multiple discount offers.
  • Attractive preview of offer rule and offer product.
  • Add a tag to order when customer accepts offer
  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Customizable texts and colors
  • Use this app for checkout promotions - display offers before thank you page (Post purchase aks checkout upsell) and on thank you page.
  • Thank you page upsell - Thank you page editor / customizer
  • Support

Ideas - How you can use Post Purchase Upsell Offers. (oferta)

  • To clear out the inventory - Based on some quantity or product in the cart, you can offer a product with discounted price.
  • BOGO - (Buy X Get Y) If customer ordered something, offer same product for free.
  • Free Gift - Offer Y product for free when customer ordered X. like, offer mobile case for free when customer purchase a mobile phone.

There are so many other criteria and eligibility rules you can apply and offer products which helps to increase Average Order Value (AOV).

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February 17, 2022
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