Shopify App : Wishlist + Save for Later

Create wishlists or save items for later on the cart page.

About Wishlist + Save for Later

Boost sales : By saving products for later, items are just one click away from purchase.

Increase brand reach : Unlimited Wishlists can be easily shared on social media by your customers.

Insight into popular items : See what is being added, deleted or purchased from the app dashboard.

Wishlist and save for later


  • Unlimited wishlists so customers can categorize products
  • Encourage more sales by allowing customers to ‘save items for later’ on the cart page
  • Increase your brand reach with free social sharing

Key features and benefits:

  1. Multiple, sharable wishlists Sometimes visitors to your store will spot something that they’re interested in, but are not ready to buy just yet. Why not let them capture those products so they can return later to complete their purchase? ‘Wishlist + Save for Later’ lets your customers save the products they're interested in so they can return and buy them later. A default wishlist is created for your customers, but it also allows them to create more wishlists to keep things organised if they want to categorize things. Customers can also share their wishlists, enabling them to forward item details that might be of interest to friends and family, for example if they're compiling a wedding gift list and want to share items as suggestions.

  2. Save for later Our app then takes this a step further - it allows your customers to save products for later, straight from the cart. It keeps the "saved for later" section handy, right under the cart, meaning next time they're at the checkout your customers will see their saved items and are only one click away from purchase.

  3. Intuitive dashboard Wishlist + Save for Later also features a simple, easy to use dashboard in which you can keep track of your customers and their wishlists. Each wishlist has a log of what products have been added, deleted, added to cart or bought.

  4. Insights to Increase Sales You also have access to a list of the products that have been added to wishlists, sorted by the number of wishlists they’re in. This gives you insight into products that are of interest to customers but may not be selling as well as they could. (Perhaps a discount on these products could persuade customers to move them from their wishlist to their cart?)

  5. Customisable to fit your store’s style Wishlist + Save for Later gives you a broad range of options for customizing how the app looks on your store, so that it fits perfectly inside your theme. For any other advanced styling, you can always contact our support team. Free setup and configuration, with support from our friendly team.

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August 10, 2017
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