Shopify App : AIT Wishlist

Customers can save their favorite items in a separate Wishlist

About AIT Wishlist

Simple Wishlist app : A simple Wishlist app. that has the ability to add functionality in your store then the user can add favorite items in their Wishlist.

Easy Customization : A very simple App Dashboard. And without knowledge of coding, you can use this app's management and installation.

One-Click Installation : App has the ability to integrate into any theme in one click with the help of an automatic installation process.


The AIT Wishlist Shopify app allows you to add a wishlist feature to your Online Store. It is very simple to install and integrate into the Shopify theme. The plus point of this app is this is developer-friendly a developer can change the structure of the Wishlist page as they want and With the help of custom code, they can change button styling also.

Free for development stores

The AIT Wishlist Shopify app is designed to enhance the functionality of the product page and the collection page of your store. Currently, Shopify product backend settings have no way to add a wishlist in the store. With AIT Wishlist, you can add this feature very simply in your store. Not effect in load time of the store.

Intuitive dashboard

AIT Wishlist plugs directly into Shopify. You can manage your settings through a very simple and easy dashboard.


AIT Wishlist requires no coding. Our app can automatically install itself in a few simple steps. One-click installation.

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Launch date
August 09, 2021
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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