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About Wholesale Suite

Easy install without coding : Install/uninstall in one click without modifying the theme

All Wholesale Business Feature : Tier Pricing, Group/Bulk Purchase Pricing & As Low As Pricing

Absolutely free : Absolutely free, No hidden costs. Free forever.

wholesale suite

It’s simple

With the help of Wholesale suite, selling wholesale on your site becomes extremely simple. With great user interface and no coding, it’s quite easy to manage all your retail and wholesale customers, inventory, and ordering with your Shopify store.

It is a powerful app

Wholesale suite by Metizsoft Solutions is a powerful app as it directly sets different product prices for different customers on per-variant basis. It sets low product price as per variant basis.

Multiple wholesale discounts

In wholesale suite, multiple discount groups can be applied at the checkout. At the same time, it offers the customers different wholesale discounts on different products

How does Wholsale suite work?

Wholesale suite is a powerful app built by Metizsoft Solutions. It makes the merchants more successful by providing various discounts to the customers. Wholsale suite creates a wholesale discount group with the wholesale discount for the customers. These discounts include discount in percentage, discount in fixed price, and setting new price of the products.

  • Wholesale suite directly set different volume and tier pricing discounts for different customers
  • It sets different grid style for tier pricing discount table
  • It sets minimum quantity rules for the collections, or product using tier pricing discount
  • It adds a message in the cart that the customers will see when they qualify for a discount
  • It provide installation support and ensures that the theme runs smoothly on your app.
  • It displays upsell offers to wholesale shoppers

These are some of the features of wholesale suite app by Metizsoft. Wholesale suite is a powerful app that is easy to use and install.

We are here to help

To install this app for your store, get in touch with us. The only job of this app is to make selling wholesale easier for the merchants. We strive to deliver the best app possible. Feel free to contact us to know more about this app.

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January 04, 2021
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