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Drive product sales and support customers over WhatsApp

About WhatsApp for Teams by Rasayel

Sell better on WhatsApp : Turn WhatsApp into the revenue machine you want it to be. Manage everything in one single inbox

Supervise all conversations : Ensure that your customers are receiving the highest level of service by working together as a team, and having all customer info at reach.

Fast, simple, and mobile : Get up and running with your team in a few minutes, and see for yourself how delightful Rasayel is to use

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WhatsApp for Teams by Rasayel

Drive sales and deliver exceptional customer experiences through Rasayel’s WhatsApp platform for Teams. Teams using Rasayel send and receive millions of messages every month.

Rasayel is a customer communications platform built to help you sell and support your customers better over WhatsApp. Using the Rasayel Inbox, you can manage your customer’s orders, view their order history, issue refunds, or send them a new product, all without leaving your WhatsApp conversation!

Rasayel helps you grow your business with:

  • A shared team inbox with 2-way messaging
  • Broadcasts (Soon)
  • Automations (Soon)
  • Integrations (Shopify, HubSpot, 2000+ apps with Zapier, and the Rasayel API)
  • Developer friendly APIs and webhooks
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Connections to other chat channels

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our users say:

“Practically 90% of our deals are closed on WhatsApp thanks to Rasayel.” - Enrique, Medesk

“The most valuable and unexpected benefit of Rasayel is how much we can automate” - Saad ElMobarak, CTO -

“Rasayel helped us manage and track our sales from one app. Great mobile app, great support team!” - Arsen, CEO - Smile Turkey

A shared team inbox for WhatsApp

  • Manage all your customers WhatsApp conversations with a single team inbox
  • Ensure high quality sales chats
  • Manage your customer's Shopify orders, view their order history, issue refunds, or send them a new product
  • Conversation assignments, private team notes, and other team-collaboration features.
  • Rich media, voice recordings, saved replies, tags, and more!
  • Gain full context on every interaction by connecting Rasayel to your Shopify store, CRM, and with Zapier, you'll be able to connect it to any other tool you're using.

Fast, simple, and insanely quick onboarding!

  • We built Rasayel to be fast, reliable and intuitive to help your team win. Most teams don’t require training to use the platform
  • 5 minutes to get up and running, and less than 1 hour to setup, onboard your entire team, and begin speaking with your customers over WhatsApp!

A mobile app that just works

  • Use our mobile app to get to your customers anytime, anywhere and make your customers happier. Available on iOS and Android.

A developer friendly API for advanced workflows

  • A modern and powerful API for advanced workflows, systems, and teams.

All the integrations you need

  • Shopify, HubSpot, Zapier (2000+ apps), and our Rasayel API
  • Coming soon: Medusa, WooCommerce, and Stripe integrations

Need more than WhatsApp? Not a problem.

  • Rasayel connects to SMS, FB, IG, email, Twitter, Google Business Messages, Viber Business Messages, LINE, and VK.
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Launch date
July 20, 2022

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