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WhatsApp notification for Abandoned Cart, connect your shop

About WhatsApp API & Shop Connect

Instant Response Rate : Engage with more customers by offering real-time assistance using an AI bot.

Improve Customer Retention : Engage every customer right from the stage of marketing till the stage of Sales, and then, Customer Support.

Increase Qualified Leads : Get an AI bot that can automatically assess and validate information to qualify leads in real-time.

WhatsApp Business for Shop

Conversational AI- Get ready for effortless Marketing, Sales, and Customer Conversations


A. App Installation

After installing the app at your Shopify Store, choose a type, such as ORAI-K, or ORAI-D. This information will be provided by team ORAI. Enter your store phone number and other details, and click save.

B. Abandoned Cart Notifications

Customers who have abandoned checkouts will receive Abandoned Cart Notifications. Messages will be sent through your registered WhatsApp number which is WhatsApp API certified.

C. Successful Payment Notifications

Customers who have made a successful payment will receive a notification on their registered WhatsApp number, which is WhatsApp API certified.

Verified WhatsApp Business API

We, at ORAI, handle the end-to-end process of getting you authorized with WhatsApp Business Verification. You get WhatsApp Business API with a branded account on WhatsApp.


  1. Enterprise Conversational AI Platform.

  2. Integrated WhatsApp Business API for customer conversations.

  3. WhatsApp drip campaigns – a next-generation technology enablement.

  4. Multilingual, supports more than 100+ languages.

  5. Omnichannel Experience, Text, Voice and Chat.

  6. Seamless CRM, ERP, and Database Integrations. e.g., SAP, Salesforce etc.

  7. 3-Way communication- Real-time Bot-to-Human Handover.

  8. AI-powered Real-time Lead qualifier qualifies into HOT, WARM & COLD buckets automatically.

  9. Excel-to-WhatsApp Push Notification Utility.

  10. AI embedded Video Feature.

  11. IVR system improving the entire customer service experience.


  1. ORAI Offers Customers End-to-End Enterprise Platform + Solution + Service for below services.

  2. WhatsApp Verified Business Account (Apply | Deploy | Integrate | Manage).

  3. WhatsApp Transaction Setup (Send Reminders / Notifications / Alerts from CRM/ERP).

  4. AI Chatbot (A powerful AI Bot Deployment | Integrate | Manage | Train).

  5. WhatsApp Drip Campaign (Set Segment-Wise rule based personalized Drip Campaigns on WhatsApp).

  6. Three-Way Communication (Three-Way Communication with customers for instantaneous conversation).

  7. Voice AI Bots (Ready to Integrate BOT with Alexa and Google Assistant).


ORAI is an advanced conversational AI platform that engages customers and offers actionable insights to businesses to create more personalized, richer experiences day and night. We help you obtain WhatsApp Business API and implement WhatsApp AI chatbot across all your social media channels.

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July 05, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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