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About WatchThemLive

Create Detailed Heatmaps : Find clues about what the experience is like for your visitors and make more conversions with these heatmaps

View Session Replays : Deep dive into your users journey and see where are your bottlenecks and act as a pro CRO

Run Accurate A/B tests : Run your next A/B test with validated heatmaps from your user and see what has converted more via smart goals


WatchThemLive provides a way you could look over your users’ shoulders to get the scoop on how you can improve your Conversion Rate, UI and UX. WatchThemLive offers you these amazing features:

Session Recording:

Get your hands on video recordings of all users on your website or web app. This can greatly help you understand your visitors behavior much better and identify any bugs, issues, U-Turns etc.


Create heatmaps to see how your visitors are interacting with a page and its elements to improve your conversion rates and website usability, as well as make better decisions.

Goal Tracking:

Set and track goals to track conversions and gain actionable insights that help you achieve your objectives.

User Tracking:

Analyze a given user’s entire journey on your website with the visitor tracking tool. This feature helps you to greatly understand your audience, create personalized experiences, and reduce bounce rates.

Dashboard (Analytics)

You can navigate through the right side bar to go to your Dashboard. This is where you see your websites analytics such as your total visitors, sessions, number of each pageviews each page has had, your referring websites, countries that users have visited your website, their operation system, their device, browser, screen resolution and UTM’s.

Realtime Analytics

WatchThemLive keeps churning out data, so you can review valuable analytics in real-time and retain leads. You can get access to valuable data such as Countries, Devices and Pages with only one click.

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November 01, 2022
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