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Offer Same Day Delivery For Products

About WareIQ Rush

Prime-like same day delivery : Reassure your customers with prime-like one day delivery for your products

WareIQ 1 day delivery : Get WareIQ one day delivery option at checkout page

One day delivery check : Get to know whether a product can be delivery in one day or not

WareIQ Rush

WareIQ rush appear on your checkout page if that product(s) is/are eligible for one day(rush) delivery.

Why Rush App?

  • Capture impulse buying behaviour of your customers by giving them shorter delivery timelines
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate by giving express delivery to your customers
  • Avoid cancellations due to delayed delivery and deliver the orders within hours
  • Deliver the COD orders quickly to get the remittance early
  • Give a delightful and hassle-free experience to your customers that they can remember

Benefits of Rush App:

  • Reducing delivery times - Ensuring your fulfilment centres are well-stocked so that you can reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time
  • Reducing costs - Save resources spent on establishing infrastructure and store your inventory in fulfilment centres as per your business needs
  • Improved customer satisfaction - With WareIQ’s prompt response times, you can ensure timely deliveries and greater brand reliability translating to satisfied customers

How Rush work?

  • Check whether the product is available for same day delivery
  • Get a different shipping option for same day rush delivery on checkout page
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Launch date
August 22, 2022
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