Shopify App : Wait! Exit Discounts and Popup

Give automatic discounts to customers as they intent to leave

About Wait! Exit Discounts and Popup

Grab customers’ attention : Run one or more exit discount popups.

Reward exit intents : Automatically reward customers with a discount when they are about to leave your store.

Drop abandoned carts : Give a coupon to customers as they intent to leave, close tab, switch tab or abandon their shopping cart.



Turn exit intents into sales. Wait!'s purpose is to convert the visitors into customers, as they're about to leave your store.


Wait! is born to ensure customers don’t leave your store empty-handed. The app offers a suite of tools to catch visitors’ attention and make them buy before they go visit your competitor’s store.


  • Grab customers’ attention: Run one or more animated tab titles and exit discount popups

  • Reward exit intents: Reward customers automatically with a discount when they agree to shop a bit longer.

  • Drop bounce rates: Give a coupon to customers as they intent to leave, close tab, switch tab or come back to your store’s tab.

  • Fight abandoned carts: Display an offer to convince customers not to abandon their shopping cart

Key points

  • Turns a leave into a sale instantly
  • Works perfectly on mobile
  • Enable exit discount popups
  • Enable animated tab titles if the browser tab is active or inactive
  • Change your favicon and tab color for a specific sale
  • All customer-side texts editable
  • Editable style with color pickers
  • No design or coding skills required
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September 26, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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