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Manage your Walmart business

About Walmart Order and Qty Sync

Quantity Management : Keep your quantity under control to avoid overselling.

Order Management : Receive your Walmart orders straight to Shopify.

Free 2-Day Shipping : Fulfill orders quickly and add the 2-day shipping tag to listings.


About Walmart Integration App

This application was developed independently by GeekSeller and is not an official Walmart integration.

This application can be used only by sellers who are already approved to sell on and have access to their Walmart Seller Center.

Available functionality

This application allows Shopify sellers to manage their Walmart business directly from their Shopify store.

This application supports:

  • order management
  • inventory management

At the moment this application does not import or export product data to and from This means sellers need to have products already created on both Shopify and Walmart Seller Center.

Limitations - is this app for me?

If you have more than 300 orders per month--or need quantity synchronization for more than 300 SKUs-- this solution will not work for you. Please contact us for an alternative solution at

Automate selling on Walmart

  • Changes to product quantity on Shopify are automatically synchronized with your Walmart account.
  • Receive Walmart orders directly to your Shopify store. As soon as you provide a tracking number and mark an order as shipped, this information is sent to Walmart.
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Launch date
March 12, 2020
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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