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Live chat + Human Personal Shoppers at scale, in real time

About Vudoir Live Human Shopper

One-stop solution : Vudoir human personal shoppers will advice in real time your customers about: product features, size, combinations, style, navigation & T&C

Conversion rate, AOV and NPS : The conversations are always human to human, thanks to this, you will increase the conversion rate, AOV and NPS more than with a bot.

Forget about hiring more staff : Forget about hiring people to manage the live chat, our price includes them too. Our AI system assists the personal shoppers to be precise.


What do I get with this solution?

With Vudoir Live Human Shopper for lifestyle products you get not only a live chat but also the personal shoppers, operations and the artificial intelligence. Most of the live chats in the market are offering you the technology but then you still have to hire the team, train them, control quality, substitute people when they are sick or on holidays or if they leave the company. But we provide you with that team too without any extra cost and we also set the AI rules according to our experience including the information in your website plus all the relevant one you want to provide us with.

What is included in lifestyle products?

  • Vudoir Live Human Shopper is specialized in lifestyle products. For example: apparel, fashion, footwear, sportswear, homewear, home decor, beauty, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, textile products, hosiery, underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, beachwear, notebooks and phone cases among others. We cover kids, teens, senior and elderly, women, men, gender-neutral, curvy, plus size, petite size, adaptive clothing/footwear, pets apparel.

  • Sometimes we are proposed to advice on products that are not lifestyle per se but you have converted them into a lifestyle product like Kanga Coolers did with the Kase Mate. If this is your case, just leave us a message through the chat or email us and we will evaluate together how we can bring value to you!

  • If you sell different products like grocery and apparel, we can serve you for the apparel products and coexist with other customer service channels that you may offer for your grocery products.

  • We do not give any medical advice regarding humans nor animals, neither do we provide technology advice regarding the capacities of your products and services.

What are the main benefits for my company?

We run the live chat and you run the business. We give you more satisfied customers, more sales, useful data that any team member can understand and you don't need to have different solutions to answer all product related questions: size, fitting, combination, style doubts, questions already specified in your FAQs and other parts of your website. You save money because you end up deploying fewer solutions and less people to serve your customers.

Who are these personal shoppers?

The personal shoppers are professionals with specific studies and experience like interior designers, fashion designers, product managers, beauty experts, image consultants, etc. Some of them are also journalists, former entrepreneurs, teachers at high schools and universities that want to share their expertise. They are hired as our employees/consultants on recurrent basis since in this way we can control the quality of the answers in real time.

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October 06, 2020
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