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Let customers include a printed greeting w/ a digital message

About Greeting Card

Delight Flower or Gift Buyers : Allow your Flower or Gift Purchasers to include a Printed Greeting card with their gift AND personalized Videos, Images, and Notes!

Delight Gift Receivers : Gift Recipients receive a Printed Greeting card with their gift PLUS personalized Videos, Images and Notes! They can also reply w a Thanks!

Make More Money : Charge flower or gift purchasers to include a Greeting Card with their gift.

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Enhance your gifting game for flower or gift stores

Do your customers buy flowers or gifts ?

Let them add a beautiful printed Greeting Card to their gift, with personalized videos, images and notes!

When your customers purchase flowers or a gift for someone, the Postcards App lets them include a printed greeting card with their purchase. The printed greeting includes a QR code linked to a digital version of the greeting with personalized videos, images and messages from the purchaser.

How It Works

When your customer views their Cart, they can click the Postcards App "Widget", choose a greeting card and add their own video greeting, images and notes. The merchant then prints the greeting and includes it in the box with the order. When the gift recipient receives their package, they receive the greeting card which includes a QR code they can scan to see the digital version. While viewing the digital version, the recipient will also be prompted to send a Thank-You back to the purchaser.

Delight customers with your gift-giving game

  • Let customers include a custom printed Greeting Card with their gift purchase
  • Customer selects from 500+ greeting cards
  • Customers can also add their own video message, images, notes, GIFs and more.
  • The digital experience lets the recipient say "Thank-you" back to the Sender.

Make money on every customer

  • Customers purchase the Printed Greeting Card to include in the box with their gift
  • Merchants configure the amount to charge the end customer.

Easy Integration

No coding necessary to activate this service.

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July 22, 2022
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