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Simply edit, personalize, uspsell & A/B test anything you want

About No‑Code Editor

Store Customization & A/B Test : Use the visual editor to intuitively customize & optimize your store with zero coding. A/B test your changes, to make data-driven decisions.

Smart Recommendations & Upsell : Enable our top-performing AI features, Upsells and Personalized-Product-Recommendations, to increase your sales and average order value.

Personalized Experience : Increase conversion rate by easily personalizing your store based on customers behaviour, demographics, campaigns, traffic sources & more.

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Move fast. Grow fast. Do it the Visually way.

Here's why merchants love

1. Make your store shine!

  • Customize & improve your store instantly with no code
  • Use our easy-to-edit visual content blocks: hero banner, slider, carousel, accordion, navigation, tabs, overlay, pop-up and more
  • Immediately see how your changes look like on all devices
  • Design with no limits - control every element to achieve the perfect visual (fonts, shadow, spacing, padding, size, alignment)
  • Bring your ideas to life and focus on WHAT you want to do, instead of HOW to do it
  • You can even customize 3rd party apps
  • Codeless - no technical skills needed

2. Add smart & flexible product recommendations to increase CR

  • Add recommendations to any page you want
  • Set the most suitable strategy for each recommendation element
  • Use our deep learning algorithm to show the right product, to the right user, at the right time
  • Alternatively - use custom ruling to define which product recommendations to display (by specific collections, price ranges, inventory, SKUs and tags)

3. Upsell and maximize your AOV

  • Use our algorithm to upsell the optimal products for each customer
  • Show upsells based on the value of a user cart
  • Offer relevant upsells based on the products in the cart

4. Personalize your customer experience

  • Customize your store for different types of user segments
  • Use our predefined audiences or build your own (based on user behavior, demographic, traffic source, campaign, previous purchases, items in the cart, and more)

5. Make data driven decisions

  • Measure & analyze the impact of changes you make with a/b testing
  • A/b test 3rd party apps and discover app’s real impact on your business
  • Automatically integrated to Google Analytics

6. We’re performance-obsessed

  • Visually was designed from the ground up to serve unmatched performance
  • Our state-of-the-art technology ensures fast-loading storefronts, which was always one of our cornerstones
  • All in one - with the wide range of powerful tools available on the platform, you no longer need to install so many different apps that waste your time and money and slow down your site

How to get started?

  1. Integrate Visually to your Shopify store within one click
  2. Create your first experience - add content or edit
  3. Preview & fine-tune your experience
  4. Choose the triggers, targeting (devices, audiences), and whether to set an A/B test or not

24/7 Support

Have questions? Pls feel free to contact us at any time!

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June 15, 2022
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