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Dynamic & Automated Product Merchandising for Collections

About Visual Product Merchandising

Data Driven Product Sorting : Increase conversion by automatically sorting collections based on products trending in your store across the last 30 days

Dynamic Product Sequencing : Increase click through rate (CTR) by sequencing trending products to showcase diversity in collections

Promote or Demote Products : Increase visitor engagement by instantly promoting or demoting products across collections based on business needs


Ideal for online stores with annual Gross Merchandise Value greater than $ 1M USD. Tagalys predicts the conversion potential of each product & automatically sorts products (every day) in collections based on proprietory rankings algorithms. Merchants also have the ability to influence product sorting using T-Score Boosting, Global Product Sorting, Sequencing, Visual Curation & more.

Why Collections require Intelligent Sorting

Most online shoppers do not scroll beyond the 3rd page of any collection. Hence what products they see influence their decision to buy. Using store data, Tagalys automatically predicts what products are likely to sell & promotes them automatically every day, so visitors see, engage & view them. Tagalys increases visitor engagement with higher product views, store conversion & revenue. It gives merchants the ability to visually merchandise the products in any collection, to ensure it meets the business needs.

Why Tagalys

Tagalys is one of the highest rated visual merchandising engines for online commerce. Tagalys was built by the founders with prior eCommerce B2C experience, to solve their own business challenges as online retailers. They understand driving traffic to an online store without online merchandising increases acquisition costs & reduces profitability.

Conversion Optimized

Our predictive merchandising engine learns how visitors interact at your store, like a salesperson at every brick & mortar store. Tagalys updates the product sorting across all collections, every day, based on store performance, thus promoting products that have a higher probability of a sale. This reduces bounces rates, increases product views that lead to higher conversion, and revenue of online merchants.

Product Boosting

Instantly promote or demote products across all collections using tags based on business needs.

Global Product Sorting

Create custom product merchandising strategies and apply them across one or many collections instantly.

Visual Merchandising

As a merchant, we understand that you have the requirement to promote products based on your instinct. With our visual merchandising panel, you can easily drag & drop, one or many products at a time to meet your business needs. We also provide LIVE product performance insights, to help you decide if the real data might influence your decisions.


Using our scheduling panel, merchants can promote hero products in any collection for any period of time, to ensure it exactly meets their requirements.

Saves time

Your time is money. With intelligent sorting & visual merchandising, online merchants using Tagalys save their time spent on manually managing collections.

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Launch date
January 30, 2020
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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