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Boost your Onsite Search : Tag your catalog in minutes with the best descriptive attributes and make your onsite search POP!

Amplify Product Discovery : Give your consumers the right products all of the time.

Generate Higher Sales : Make products in your entire catalog easier to find and purchase.


About ViSenze

ViSenze is a Retail AI platform provider trusted by global brands and retailers. And now, ViSenze Discovery Suite is available to Shopify merchants to boost product discoverability across your website and mobile apps. In three easy steps, you can improve your ecommerce rankings, transform your onsite search, deliver great consumer experiences, and increase sales.

ViSenze Smart Tagging

Through the ViSenze Shopify app, you can activate our market-leading Smart Tagging AI solution as part of the ViSenze Discovery Suite for free.

  • Smart Tagging uses advanced AI to automatically tag your SKUs with descriptive attributes, making your products more searchable and easier to purchase. Start to improve your ecommerce SEO ranking in just minutes. Enhance product listings in your Shopify store with hundreds of relevant attributes. Increase product discoverability across key touchpoints. Make your entire catalog more searchable and shoppable.

ViSenze Discovery Suite

Discovery Suite is the leading Retail AI platform global retailers adopt to deliver truly exceptional shopping experiences. Discovery Suite’s advanced AI services, designed and optimized for retail, generate millions in revenue for retailers worldwide through better search, recommendations, and insights.

Discovery Suite also contains additional AI modules that you can explore and experiment with:

  • Smart Recommendations increase your revenue quickly. Mix and match our multiple AI-powered product recommendation carousels for different products or product categories. Keep your customers engaged when they are motivated to shop with targeted, AI-powered recommendations that include Similar Product, Shop the Look, and Complete the Look
  • Smart Search helps shoppers find the products they want faster. It enables visual product search to complement your text-based search, so high-intent customers can discover, shop, and convert instantly.
  • Smart Data measures and provides insights on every aspect of product performance and customer behavior. Use real-time insights to optimize every aspect of your Shopify store, now and in the future.

Launch Smart Tagging for free

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What are you waiting for? Click to activate your free Smart Tagging AI solution. In minutes, you’ll enrich your entire catalog and experience how easy it is to delight customers and increase conversions through a completely optimized ecommerce experience.

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August 04, 2021
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