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Reward customers to refer a friend with no code.

About Viral Loops Referral Marketing

Use word of mouth marketing : Utilize word of mouth and referrals to grow your store by rewarding your customers for referrals.

Customizable widgets : Tailor Viral Loops to perfectly fit your brand with your look and feel on a no-code widget designer.

Track campaign performance : The Campaign Dashboard helps you track and analyze the performance of your campaign and reward your super-fans.

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Our philosophy

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy, and most popular brands grew through it without any paid advertising.

A Shopify brand can use this strategy through referral marketing, and since 2016, Viral Loops has been developing the perfect referral program software to do that.

How it works

Viral Loops displays a customizable popup (or hosts a dedicated page), where customers can opt-in to your referral program.

Each customer gets a unique sharing link to refer friends.

They can invite friends to purchase your product or subscribe to your email list.

You have complete control over the rewards and how many referrals one needs to get them.

Key features

  • An engaging widget: Get newsletter subscribers with a new widget that is optimized to grab the attention of your visitors and get their email.
  • Dashboard: Your key metrics and actions in one place so you can always track the performance of your campaign and optimize it.
  • Referral Page: A personalized page for each ambassador so they can invite more friends and see the rewards they’ve won.
  • Flexible rewarding: Offer automatically generated coupon codes or free products from your store.
  • Integrations: Connect with tools love like Google Analytics and Zapier.
  • Automated campaign emails: Your brand ambassadors are notified through automated emails directly sent from Viral Loops. All emails are customizable.
  • Suggested actions: Your store never stops improving so why would your campaign? Get timely suggestions and ideas to keep your campaign fresh and your audience engaged.
  • Import customers: Add existing customers to Viral Loops and get a head start.

Reward for

  • Referred purchases: Reward shoppers with discounts and free products for convincing their friends to make a purchase on your store.
  • New email subscribers: Grow your email list by incentivizing your customers to invite their friends to your store’s ambassador program.
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November 15, 2018
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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