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Create Video Ads that Sell : Attract visitors to your store and engage them with powerful videos showcasing your products

Easy Connect with your Shop : Connect with your favourite online shops without any hassle.

Simple to use & Share : Publish your videos directly to your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels to effectively drive traffic back to your store.


VidyBack is a video ad-making web app. It can create product videos by downloading pictures and descriptions directly from your online shop or shops. You simply integrate your shop once and VidyBack app will download all your product catalogs to the VidyBack dashboard. All this happens with just two clicks. To make the video-making process simpler VidyBack gives you ready-to-use video templates or video designs. Not only that you also get copyright-free music from the audio library. Once you are familiar with the process its takes over a minute to create a video ad of your products.

How, then, can you produce sleek and professional video content without shelling out for VFX specialists or enrolling in a night school for video production? Well, this demand for creative video making gave birth to pre-made video templates. You can choose one style of video and put images and some text and Voila! You got yourself a professional-looking video ready to be posted.

  • Install app from shopify
  • Enter the dashboard
  • This will connect vidyback app to the shopify stores
  • All your listing at shopify will be fetched from the store
  • It will fetch the product listings from your store
  • Choose a product to make a video
  • Select a video template, this will define how your video looks
  • Generate the video and download,share
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January 07, 2022
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Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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