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Turn short videos into direct revenue on your online store.

About Vidjet ‑ Shoppable Videos

The simplest video player : Import videos from various sources, pick pre-build formats, and publish them at scale on webpages. All of this with minimal code involved.

Generate more conversions : Use shoppable videos to increase sales, collect emails, offer discounts, or showcase your products. Your visitors will love you!

No tradeoff on user experience : Vidjet videos are optimized for mobile and desktop renders. Also, our videos have a minimum impact on your pages' loading times.

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Vidjet: Popup Shoppable videos for Shopify stores

Easily publish videos, and turn them into direct revenue!

1000+ online stores use Vidjet to boost engagement, build trust, and sell more with videos.

We make it easy for you to publish videos

Vidjet's interface is friendly and super easy to use. You don't need any coding experience to display video pop-ups or embed videos on pages. Whether you're new to this or have lots of videos to reuse, we've got you covered.

We make it easy for you to grow your online store

Choose one of the pre-built formats we offer. Collect visitor emails, offer discount codes, or impress your visitors with your awesome products. You can also link products directly to your videos to make it easy for viewers to buy. With smart segmentation possibilities and triggers, your personalized video campaigns will increase customer trust, engagement, and conversions!

We make it easy for you to analyze your data

Our smart video player brings you in-depth analytics and video performance data that other players don't provide. From clicks on video CTAs to sales triggered by Vidjet, you can make data-informed decisions. The best part is that we never collect your users' data, as we don't user third party cookie tracking. Unless your visitors love you and give you their email to be collected, of course.

How to use Vidjet

  • Propose your customers more video touchpoints throughout their journey
  • Harmonize videos with other marketing channels (email, SMS, popups, etc)
  • Enable your customers to shop products directly from your video campaign
  • Track revenue for all conversions made through Vidjet
  • Be the first over your competitors and increase brand recognition
  • Grow your subscriber list with our email collector feature
  • Reduce abandonment rates with exit intent video pop-ups
  • Welcome new visitors, and thank buyers. Just like in a shop!
  • Offer discounts codes
  • Increase willingness to buy with demo, product review, how-to use, or testimonial videos
  • Keep your videos on-brand with multiple customization options (custom colors, text options, smart triggers, etc.)
  • Add shoppable videos, showcase your products, give exciting news, welcome new visitors, show behind-the-scenes moments, inform users about shipping, display testimonials... and much more. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Repurpose all your existing videos
  • No-code, 1 click setup

Where to get videos from?

Reuse your existing videos from social networks to turn them into direct revenue on your website.

How to record videos?

Just use your own mobile device and upload it to Vidjet. Give it an authentic look for higher engagement and trust! Discover more on our blog and knowledge base.

Any questions? Our team will be happy to help!

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December 15, 2020
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