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Super fast dropshipping, High-margin EU & UK products

About VGANG ‑ EU & UK Dropshipping

High-margin products : Reach planet-friendly & vegan market by selling high quality & handpicked products, aligned with UK & EU standards.

Super-fast dropshipping : As products come from reliable local suppliers in the EU & UK, your customers will receive the orders quickly, free of charge, or meagerly.

Sustainable profit : Guarantee your online store sustainable profit by unlocking new markets and high quality services without legwork.


VGANG is a Shopify app for Dropshipping which connects dropshippers to planet-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste, cruelty-free, and vegan products suppliers based in UK and EU.

Why choose VGANG rather than other drop shipping services:

Products are shipping faster as they are coming from local suppliers Products are high-quality, created based on EU & UK standards. Your shop inventory is always automatically up to date. Products' prices are always automatically up to date. Being part of a good cause by selling green and ethical products Reaching the new growing market of vegan & eco-friendly products And many more reasons.

Super fast, meagerly cost or free shipping:

The manufacturers and suppliers we work with at VGANG are based in the UK or other European countries (EU), so products can be shipped to your customers faster (1 to 3 working days), usually free or at a meager cost.

Dropship of high-quality products:

Despite most dropshipping apps, we connect UK dropshippers to high-quality suppliers around the UK and EU instead of Aliexpress. Before adding a Dropshipping supplier to VGANG, our team checks the quality of their products and dropshipping services. This way, we are making sure the products you are selling have a significant profit margin, and they can gain your customers' satisfaction and improve customer retention, build brand trust, and boost your ROI.

How does it work?

VGANG is a UK dropshipping and EU dropshipping that offers winning products to UK and EU dropshippers, automates finding suppliers, and provides seamless product import and order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping.


How does payment work in Vgang?

The dropshippers pay suppliers for products before fulfillment and delivery to the end consumer, including shipment fees. For brands working with VGANG through Shopify, the whole payment process will be handled by Shopify immediately.

How does VGANG handle returns?

Each supplier has its return policy. Many suppliers offer returns, while some may not have a return policy.

Can I cancel my subscription

Our mission is to increase access to green and ethical products and help eu dropshipping businesses have a sustainable profit line. If you are unsatisfied with our service, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

What's dropshipping

Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method in which a business doesn't have up-front costs to buy products and keep them in its stock until it sells. When a dropshipper sells a product, it purchases the item straight from a dropshipping supplier that ships the product directly to a customer. we developed a dropship application for helping EU dropshippers.

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April 19, 2022
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