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The Car Year Make Model Dropdown Menu WITH Vehicle DATABASE

About VFitz‑ The Vehicle Product Fit

Stay Up To Date Lead the Way : Up to date database of vehicle Makes, Models, and Trim. Gives you access to the latest vehicle inventory database for your existing products

Customizable Front-End Themes : Unique options for themes and different variables to change font size and color allowing you to get the perfect look on your Shopify store.

Filter Different Product Types : Filter search results by product types allowing customers to navigate your various different items. Allow customers to find what they need.


It is an app designed to create an easier buyer to seller automotive parts fitment guide taking the middleman out of the question of whether or not a part fits their car. Using the latest updated vehicle database choose which products fit what vehicles by year, make, model, and even down to the trim level. Useful for new as well as experienced Shopify users. This app makes it easy for anyone to find all related vehicle products that fit their needs leading to buyers buying correctly and confidently.

Why you need this

  1. This App makes it easy to search for products quickly and efficiently from a vehicle to a product database. Using key searches such as the “Year Make Model Trim (YMMT)” customers will have the ability to see all compatible parts for their vehicle even if the product itself is from a different (make) brand entirely.

  2. Search Toolbar provides industry-leading solutions in e-commerce for automotive parts and provides them in a clear and easy-to-read table for new or existing customers.

  3. Reduce return rate of products from customer confusion by making it even easier for them to see clear product fitment details.

  4. Capable of using the Bulk Selection tools that allow you to assign a single product to many YMMT with single clicks.

  5. Easy to use a short-code template that displays clear results on the front-end and easy to install on the back-end.

  6. Our templates adapt to any theme so will blend right in with your store. No need to change any additional settings besides putting it where you want it to be seen.

  7. Constantly updated database containing newly released vehicles year-round. Stay ahead of the game by always having the latest vehicles at your disposal. No more guessing or long unnecessary descriptions.

  8. Must have for any automotive parts shop. Takes out the guesswork of “will this item fit my vehicle…”

How it works

  1. Individually match products to the vehicle’s Year Make Model Trim (YMMT) allowing you to choose an unlimited amount of vehicles at one time. The app does the rest and saves it into a database.

  2. This then allows the customer to go onto your site and search by YMMT which will produce all items that correspond to their vehicle taking out any of the guesswork.

  3. The app even allows you to put additional vehicles that you know fit but are not officially set in stone. Eg: A customer looking for 2010 Toyota Tacoma wheels not knowing that their truck is also compatible with 2020 Toyota Tacoma wheels. Thus giving you more compatibility options than ever before leading to a greater chance of conversions.

  4. Only need to install one time no haggling to install several times for each individual product page. You only need to worry about where you want to position the drop-down menu and fitment tables.

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January 20, 2021
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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