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Auto Generate Purchase Orders : Auto Generate Purchase Orders Back orders will be auto-generated when the customer places an order and stock level reached to minimum level

Replace Product : App provide us facility to change item in any case like Vendor doesn't have product stocks to ship

Stock Receiving : When the stock is received from the supplier, the quantity will be adjusted with the product stock.

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Do you want to make a purchase order when a product reaches out of stock thresh hold? This app is for you. The app will keep checking stocks when the store has a new order. If any product goes out of stock, it'll auto-generate a Purchase order. And will send an email to the vendor (supplier) with the purchase order attachment.

Vendor Settings

The app will extract all vendors from store products. In basic app will add only vendors' names. You can add the following information to vendor settings.

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • cut-off's


App has an option to add two end times per day to submit a purchase order for the next delivery. It can be first or morning time and second or evening time.

Replace item on the Purchase order

If any product in the purchase order is from the wrong supplier or the supplier doesn't have stock. We can change an item with any other or we can remove it before it's submitted.

Stock Receiving

The app has a list of items by the vendor of submitted orders. When an item is received you can update stock received and outstanding. When you add Stock receiving, the app also updates stock levels on the stock.

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June 22, 2022
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