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Easily send shipments together with your local carrier.

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Veloyd app information

General app information

The Veloyd app ensures that orders placed in a Shopify webshop arrive in Veloyd. Shipping labels with a choice of various shipping options can be made from orders within Veloyd. For example, a standard shipment but also registered shipments, insured shipments, not at neighbors shipments, etc. Automated track & trace emails can be sent for shipments and the status of a shipment can also be followed directly in your dashboard.


  • offer from various national and international carriers
  • worldwide parcel shipping
  • many shipping options possible
  • easy collaboration with local carriers (local2local)
  • a local carrier as a personal partner and to support parcel questions
  • real-time status updates of your shipments
  • sending your own track & trace emails
  • intuitive interface
  • Installation manual available
  • user friendly


To be able to use Veloyd, you need to work with a local carrier that already has a Veloyd account. Usually, this is also the party that pointed you to Veloyd and this app. The carrier can create a personal Veloyd account for you. This app cannot be used without a Veloyd account. This carrier will also support you in person with all questions regarding the link and shipments.

The installation is very simple:

  1. Make sure you have a Veloyd account and be aware; Dutch is the only available language in Veloyd.
  2. Select the app in Shopify and click Install app. You will then be taken to the Veloyd login page.
  3. Log in here and after that you will go directly to the Veloyd Shopify settings where the Webshop URL and the API key of Shopify are automatically entered. Fill in other settings as desired and click on save (“opslaan”).
  4. Your Shopify account is now connected to your Veloyd account.

A step-by-step guide can be found in your Veloyd account or can be obtained from your local carrier.

Let's start together with your first shipment via Veloyd!

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Launch date
April 26, 2021

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