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Live or by Appointment Video Shopping and Customer Support

About Video Shopping & Chat

Assist customers face 2 face! : The closest thing to real life customer support! Offer guidance, get a chance to upsell and increase your conversions!

Text & Video In One Chat! : Do you prefer video or text chat? We offer both! Integrated with the product feed so products are easily showcased & added directly to cart!

Video chat by Appointment! : Set your availability and have your clients book meetings with you or your clerk in specific days and times. A real time saver!


Live video shopping is the future of customer service and online shopping!

Talk face to face, answer questions, and curate products to drive up sales and cross-sales. VClerk will decrease returns and cart abandonment, and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and conversion rates. Impersonal chatbots, call centers, or live streaming events will never replace the simple experience of asking an expert, face to face, for help.

Video chat drive conversions and reduce returns

VClerk’s customizable widget appears on your store’s site just like a chat feature. You can add pictures of your team members or your store logo, and customize the messaging for each and every page in your store if you wish to. VClerk works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile, no additional software or downloads are needed - so your customers can connect to you no matter where they are.

Manage your time!

When the customer click the customizable button on your webpage they are offered 3 choices - videochat now, schedule an appointment to video chat , or send a chat. You may set your availability and by offering appointment booking you will manage your and your customers time perfectly. Both scheduling and chat are optional features that you can tur off or on at your convenience and need.

It's so easy!

The easy-to-use dashboard lets you search your products quickly while you talk to the customer. You and your customer can both change the product images you’re viewing together and the customer can add to cart right from the widget. You can see what’s in their cart on your dashboard and you can take notes and add information about the customer that will be available to you next time they call.

VClerk will not slow your store down

VClerk seamlessly integrates with your online store and automatically uploads your product catalogue without slowing anything down. It is also compatible with all your current store settings and apps.

Dedicated Support

Our team is quick to respond if you need support and ready to solve any problem.

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Connecting with your customers face to face drives sales and reduces returns. You don’t need a physical store and no lockdown can stop you. Start helping customers one to one and make online shopping wonderfully human!

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October 06, 2020
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