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Higher conversion rate with own coupon page

About vchfy

Whitelabel coupon page : vchfy enables every online store to have its own brand & CI compliant coupon page with a Google top ranking.

Gamification & personalization : With dynamic campaigns & gamifications, you offer customers personalized offers, reduce bounce rates and increase shopping baskets.

Higher conversion rate : No competing offers like conventional coupon sites, high offer quality & conversion optimized user navigation.


We have been helping merchants increase their conversion rates and revenues since 2019! Stop leaving money on the table and install the app!

What is vchfy?

vchfy enables every online shop to operate its own brand and CI compliant voucher page. This gets a ranking on Google for queries like "coupon your online shop" and gives online shops back control over their sales funnel. vchfy helps single domain shops and large shops with multiple international domains.. All from one easy to use platform.

Why should you use vchfy?

  1. higher conversion rate
  2. higher shopping carts
  3. better margins through gamifications
  4. lower bounce rate
  5. brand compliant user experience

Generates added value instead of providing static discounts

With dynamic campaigns & gamifications, shops display personalized offers that drive higher shopping carts and better margins. Higher conversion rates & lower bounce rates No competing offers as with traditional coupon sites, high offer quality & conversion-optimized user navigation provide incredible results. Couponing as a branding tool Full control over your offers & emotional mood images of your brand provide a unique experience for your users. With vchfy you can be proud of your promotions!

vchfy Performance Highlights

Smart Gamifications

Achieve incredible click & conversion rates with gamifications like our Wheel of Fortune & Scratchcards. You deliberately display low discount values and thus achieve significantly better margins!

Dynamic campaigns

Make it personal! Display personalized promotions for each user and achieve higher shopping baskets through up-selling and cross-selling.

OnPage promotions

You can display vouchers at any point in your shop. You decide on the basis of defined parameters when and where a voucher is displayed to the user in order to persuade him to complete a purchase.

Top vchfy features

  1. Whitelabel coupon page - for a brand compliant user experience
  2. Smart gamifications - actively influence buying behavior
  3. Dynamic campaigns - Play each user an individual & personalized promotion and achieve higher shopping carts
  4. On-page promotions - play out offers everywhere directly in the store
  5. Cross- and up-selling - achieve higher shopping baskets by cross- and up-selling
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May 10, 2022
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