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Variant Images, Color Swatch, Image Swatches, Carousel + Zoom

About Variant Image Wizard + Swatch

Multiple Images Per Variant : Improve the shopping experience and declutter your product pages by showing only the relevant product images for the selected variant

Advanced Swatch Configurator : Add images, colors, titles, tooltips and more to your product options and switch between color swatches, image swatches, buttons, drop downs

Product Page Gallery + Zoom : Showcase your product image gallery with an image slider, thumbnails in a carousel, image zoom (magnify), zoom popup (lightbox) and arrows

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Use all of the features or only one. It’s your choice!

We provide you with tools to create a better shopping experience for your customers and to improve your sales by:

  1. Enabling multiple images per variant to declutter your product pages and to ensure that your customers buy the correct product variant to minimize returns
  2. Giving you an advanced product option configurator that also includes personalizable image & color swatches, where you can customize product options however you'd like to better emphasize your offerings. Titles outside of your product options? Want to emphasize what's new, or the most popular swatch color? No problem!
  3. Showing your product images in a beautiful image slider gallery that's packed with features such as thumbnails in a carousel, arrows, pagination, magnify zoom, lightbox (zoom popup), etc. that you can configure for both desktop and mobile devices! Also, the product page gallery is fully mobile optimized so touch gestures such as swipe, pinch, spread, and drag all work beautifully.

Variant Images / Image Variants Features

  • Add multiple images to each variant of a product
  • Easily upload, assign and change the order of images with drag & drop
  • Bulk edit: edit multiple variant images at once and reduce human input repetition on products that have a large amount of variants
  • Competing apps briefly show all the product images and then only hide the irrelevant ones, resulting in your product's page jumping around and your store looking unprofessional. This does not happen with Variant Wizard.

Product Options Features

  • Tailor your product page according to your customer's needs with our advanced product options configurator: image swatches, color swatches, buttons and dropdowns
  • Change shape/size, customize image/color swatches, select between different multicolored swatches, customize border settings, etc.
  • Create text outside product options & color swatches by using our unique alert, title and subtitle features
  • Swatches on collection pages: personalize how to display your product options on collection pages
  • Group Products as Swatches: connect different products and show them as variants
  • Bulk edit multiple product options at once with a simple multi-select action

Product Page Image Gallery Features

  • Choose between thumbnails in a carousel or have them wrap multi-rows
  • Multiple layout options: bottom/left/right thumbnails, stacked images, image slider, no thumbnails with arrows and/or pagination
  • Zoom image: lightbox or magnify zoom and adjust between zoom sizes
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Product Images are lazy loaded, improving page performance
  • Videos & 3D models

Compatible with videos & a wide variety of themes. If your theme is not yet supported, contact us and we'll add in support!

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May 08, 2020
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