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Check your customer's ID to prevent fraud & reduce chargebacks


Verify Customer Age & Location : Are you selling age restricted or regulated products? Securely verify your customers and check their ID just like you do in person.

Prevent Account Takeovers : Worried about social engineering? Request and validate documentation before granting strangers access to client accounts.

Reduce Fraud : Sell high value or high risk products? Verify and document the buyer before shipping products or delivering services.


Ask customers for ID just like you do in person!

How much fraud a merchant encounters depends on many things, from what they are selling, to their physical location, but it's a pain every merchant feels at some point.

Of course, not every transaction is bad, thankfully most aren't. Sometimes though, a transaction will come in which just doesn't feel right, or has triggered a flag somewhere in your system of checks and controls.

This is where can provide a great service to you. We can help you engage and validate your customer with our easy to use and extremely secure, PCI DSS compliant identity document submission and review tool.

Automated ID collection

Using simple rules, you can automatically decide if a customer needs to submit their documents. When the rules decide that ID needs to be checked, on the order confirmation page a simple window opens in the customer's browser and enables them to securely and easily submit their documents. No downloads or apps needed.

You will receive an email notification when the customer has completed the submission.

You do not need to be online when the ID is submitted, you can review submissions at your convenience.

You review the customer ID submissions on your own time

Validation is not an automated process or service which provides you with PASS/FAIL type responses. Validation helps you make the subjective decision yourself on if you wish to proceed with the transaction or not.

You do not have to review orders live as they come in. The submissions are added to a queue for your team to review. Once you have reviewed a submission, you can process the order as you normally would.

Low friction document submission

Integration is very straight forward, you can either set a dollar amount rule, ie. All orders over $500, or by adding "IDcheck" as a tag at the product level.

Your customers can submit their documents in as little as 30 seconds, and you can review the submission in even less time.

We're funnel friendly

Only AFTER the purchase will the customer be asked for ID.

We don't get between you and your customer's purchase.

PCI & GDPR compliant is a specific use built service and is designed to be both highly secure and highly private.

We utilize multiple external security and auditing companies to ensure that we're doing what we can to be both compliant and highly secure.

BONUS - Full access

With your subscription via Shopify, you'll also receive full access to where you are able to manually generate submission links which can be used for many use cases.

Business and Enterprise level accounts also include API access which will allow custom integrations in addition to your Shopify store.

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September 29, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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