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Automated store testing. Monitor outages. Realtime alerts.

About Uptime

QA testing on autopilot : Test flows simulate real user clicks to ensure your store is working correctly – these run on every theme update or every 24hrs

Monitor platform & app outages : We monitor in realtime the Shopify platform status and third-party app statuses to notify you the moment there's an outage

Peace of mind : Sleep soundly knowing Uptime is monitoring your store 24/7

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Automated store testing and platform outage alerts

Uptime provides peace of mind by monitoring your online store, the Shopify platform, and third party apps to detect issues & outages, and alerting you the moment they happen.

Why store monitoring is important

  • Theme updates, whether made by yourself, a developer, or an agency partner, may cause unintended breaking changes to your theme – these issues often go unnoticed until a customer reports them
  • Shopify or third-party app outages can happen, with merchants only becoming aware via Twitter or customer support
  • Being unaware of downtime or theme issues on your online store can be costly – leading to a drop in sales, lost customers, and wasted ad spend

Features to help you rest easy

  1. Automated Store Testing: test flows simulate real user clicks to ensure your store is working correctly, such as the ability to add to cart, add upsells, or proceed to checkout. These tests will run whenever you make a theme update, whether it's changing images in the Admin editor, a developer pushing code, or a third-party app injecting code into your theme – all of these will cause your Uptime test flows to run, ensuring none of those changes broke the functionality on your online store
  2. Realtime Outage Alerts: we’ll send you an email or Slack message the moment something is wrong so you can take action
  3. Platform Status Monitoring: we monitor the core platform status that powers your online store in real-time and notify you the moment there's an issue
  4. Third-Party App Status Monitoring: monitor the status pages of the core third-party apps that power your online store, and get notified when these apps have downtime, including Klaviyo, Postscript, etc.

Why choose Uptime?

Uptime was built with the goal of giving Merchants peace of mind by monitoring, detecting, and proactively alerting them of issues, instead of finding out hours too late via customer support, Twitter, or looking at sales data.

A little prevention can go a long way to saving you time, money, and headaches. Pair Uptime with your favorite online store backup tool for end-to-end coverage and recover quickly from any issue on your online store.

Does Uptime impact the performance of my store?

Uptime makes no performance impact on your online store, as all of our tests run on our own servers.

Additionally, we block all major analytics platforms, including Shopify analytics, Google Analytics, and Amplitude, to ensure your metrics tracking is not affected by our test runs.

Uptime is headless/Hydrogen ready

Headless/Hydrogen or any store on our Plus/Enterprise plans can use Uptime's Webhook URL to trigger automated test flow runs at any point during the development process – for example, tests can be re-run on every Github deploy.

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May 16, 2022
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