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About Upsell and Cross Sell ‑ Upsold

Supportive : Cover your sale funnel from pre-purchase to post-purchase. You will have full attention of the entire support and development team.

Comprehensive : Multiple upsell strategies to meet any situation.

Easy : No coding is required. Create and customize upsell and cross-sell offers with ease.


See Upsold in action from the demo site. (password: 123)

What can you do in 5 mins? What can you do in 5 minutes that boost your revenue by hundreds of dollars? What if you can increase revenue by 15%?

Since you landed here, you are probably thinking of upsell/cross-sell to boost the average order value. There are many upsell/cross-sell apps. Although to fully maximize your store's sales potential, you may need to juggle between a few of them and hope they play well with one another.

Remember the days before iPhone with your pockets burst out of seems with gadgets that play music, send emails and browse the internet. Upsold strives to be the "iPhone" for sales.

Take 5 mins to install and create your first post-purchase offer, and you will see upselling revenue coming in within the first few days. Then introduce "impulse buy," "recommended products," "spending goals," and "free gifts" so your sales funnel is well covered.

All of the one-click upsell offer types support discounted Upsell/Cross-sell.


A must-have, this frictionless one-click upsell (OCU) offer is one of the most effective offers, presenting irresistible offers after the initial purchase.

Impulse Buy

Less is more. Similar to post-purchase, it suggests one product early in the customer journey. Great for introducing new products. Suggests one product at the right time with the right price and avoids choice paralysis. Great for introducing a new product, promoting product add‑ons, etc.

Spending Goals

Reward customers with a discount or free shipping when the cart value reaches a goal. For example, Free shipping over $50, $10 off orders over $100, $20 off over $200, and $25 off over 5 items in the cart.

Recommended Products/Frequently brought together

Manually pick related or frequently bought together products or use AI-powered automatic recommendations.

Free Gifts

Offer a free gift to reward your customers when they purchase more.

Start Upselling/Cross-selling in minutes

  • Simple setup, enable the app and create an offer to start promoting products
  • Amazon style native mobile experience
  • Highly customizable out of box themes
  • Built-in desktop and mobile preview
  • Compatible with any Shopify store theme
  • Clean uninstall, it doesn't modify your theme
  • Multi-language support to show offers in your language.
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September 09, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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