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Personalized recommendations : Deliver relevant personalized product recommendations for each of your online visitors. Get started with a quick 1-click installation.

Algorithm customization : Delight your customers with tasty product recommendations created by combining various algorithms. You control every recommendation slot.

Cross-sell and upsell : Boost your online store page views, increase number of sales and improve total order value. Simply make greater profit. Upsell & cross-sell.


UpsellBox Personalized product recommendations

Showcase relevant personalized product recommendation to your website visitors. By showing automated product recommendation widgets, you will instantly:

  • Increase product page views
  • Convert more browsing visitors into buyers
  • Improve order size

Fully customizable recommendation strategies

We understand each shop's catalogue is unique and so UpsellBox enables you to completely customize algorithm strategies of your recommendation widgets. You can create a unique combination of various basic algorithms based on your unique needs.

Each widget recommendation strategy can be composed of a number of recommendation algorithms and you have a total control of each recommendation slot in each widget.

  • Personalized recommendations (based on views and clicks)
  • Users also bought
  • Most popular in 7 days, 1 month or 6 months
  • New arrivals

Any great store needs relevant recommendation carousels displaying bought together items, relevant cross-sells, smart upsells and options for visitors to improve their browsing experience.

Filter results using collections

You can control and filter recommendation strategy of each widget. For example, first product widget might show just products from relevant collections which contain this product, and second product widget can allow recommendations from whole catalogue, based just on chosen recommendation algorithms.

Automated recommendations computed with machine learning

Upsellbox recommends products fully automatically based on your historical sale and browsing data. Our machine learning models are optimized to maximize sales and use efficient Bayesian network algorithms under the hood.

Recommendation statistics

With our easy to understand analytics dashboard, you can keep track of total recommendation views, clicks, add to carts and order conversions. You can monitor these metrics to experiment with different recommendation strategies to consistently achieve a great and positive ROI.

Mobile friendly

UpsellBox carousels are responsive and the layout is automatically adjusted for any screen size, from large monitors to small mobile displays.

Friendly and helpful team willing to help you get the best out of recommendation widgets

Please get in touch with our team if you require help with installation or if you need any visual customization of recommendation carousels. We will be more than happy to get to know you and we will make sure the carousels completely match the theme and look of your store.

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January 06, 2020

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