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AOV Boost Upsell, Checkout Upsell Funnel, In Cart Upsell, BOGO

About Checkout Upsells & Order Bump

Order Bump /w Checkout Upsell : AOV Boost with 1 click upsell. Native post purchase upsell & Cross sell after checkout - one click to charge. Order bump in the same order

AOV Boost with BOGO Popups : Sell more online to the same traffic with In Cart Upsell & BOGO (Buy one get one). Also showcase discounted upsell and cross sell offers.

Thank You Page Checkout Upsell : Boost AOV by showing Checkout Upsell offers on the Thank You Page. Increase your average order value and return on ad spend.

Zappy checkout upsell

Zappy is the only Native One Click Upsell, Post Purchase Upsell App that you'll ever need for order bump.

Zappy is power-packed with 5 different upsell/cross-sell features in one. Show up to 3 different Upsell & Cross-Sell Offer with:

  • Truly 'Native' 1 Click Upsell - Post Purchase (One click to charge in the same order)
  • Checkout Upsell & Cross Sell
  • Thank you page Upsell & Cross Sell
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One or Buy X Get Y)
  • Free Gifts

Sell More with 1 Click Upsell

Customer loyalty is at its peak post-purchase. Zappy leverages this and shows targeted upsell and cross-sell offers to the customer post-purchase, before the thank you page. Since the customer information is already saved, they can initiate a one-click checkout, which results in an order bump.

Zappy Helps you with AOV Boost (Average Order Value) & ROAS Boost

Zappy helps you in increasing your order size and boosting your revenue, effortlessly. More customers will respond to your upsell offers and this increases your Average Order Value & Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) since you are reconverting the same traffic without incurring any additional cost.

Works Brilliantly on Mobile Devices

Zappy is 100% responsive and built for mobile devices. Most of the customers use mobile devices for online shopping & Zappy makes sure they have a non-intrusive and immersive experience with your upsell & cross-sell offers.

Zappy 1 Click Upsell - No Coding Required

Zappy can be installed in just one-click. You do not have to install any code manually. Once installed, it is very easy to create your upsell funnels and customize the look and feel of your offers.

Measure and Track your Upsell Funnels

Zappy Post Purchase Upsell provides an intuitive dashboard to measure and track which of your upsell & cross-sell offers are performing better.

Email, Chat & Phone Support

Need any help with setting up your upsell offers? Use the Live Chat feature to connect with us, send us an email, or just give us a call. We are here to help!

Other Key Features

  • Auto-translation enabled - Display the Upsell offers in your local language
  • Detailed analytics
  • Option to use the AI-powered upsell engine (checkout promotions with Shopify recommendation engine)
  • 0% commission on sales
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Live customer chat

Note: We add secondary payments to customers' orders if they opt for checkout offers. You may need to capture them separately when using the manual payment capture method.

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September 16, 2020
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