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About UpOrder (formerly Spently)

Increase Repeat Customers : Supercharge customer loyalty with automated recovery and retention campaigns designed to convert one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Drive New Upsells : Boost post-purchase sales with product recommendations on recent purchases and dynamic discounts to spark urgency in your email templates.

Upgraded Email Templates : Go from basic Shopify email notifications to fully branded email templates with marketing sections to convert new sales—no coding required.

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Fully branded & sales-optimized notification emails.

What is UpOrder?

UpOrder is a tool thousands of large and small eCommerce businesses use to increase repeat purchases using their most valuable email channel—Shopify email notifications. Yes, your Order Confirmations, Shipping Updates, Account Welcomes, and 25 more emails that Shopify sends on your behalf.

Why are notification emails the most valuable email channel?

Post-purchase; customers are waiting for their order confirmation emails and other updates. So it’s no surprise that these notification emails have significantly higher click-through rates than traditional marketing emails.

Optimizing these email templates for new sales is a no-brainer. Stop leaving money on the table and start increasing sales post-purchase.

Main Features:

1. Increase sales from customers with product recommendations

Add personalized product recommendations in your email templates to drive new sales in just a few clicks.

Show product recommendations based on recent purchases or a pre-set collection of popular products.

2. Incentivize customers with dynamic discounts

Easily create unique discounts in each email template to reward customers and keep them coming back.

Set discounts to be personalized with customer name, one-time use, include expiration dates to drive urgency or apply to orders above a set amount.

3. Drag-and-drop email designer—no coding skills needed

Customize all 27 Shopify email notification templates with your logo, brand colors, and more. Shopify will still send the email templates from your Shopify account; no need to worry about overlapping with other email marketing tools.

4. Trigger automated follow-up email campaigns

Increase your return customer rate by triggering automated email campaigns based on customer behavior. A few examples:

  • Winback shoppers that have abandoned their checkout
  • Request customer reviews X days after purchasing a product
  • Remind customers to restock their purchases at the right time

5. ROI-based reporting & analytics

Yes! You can finally track email performance and ROI from your email notifications, something you can not do with Shopify alone. Using UpOrder’s in-app analytics dashboard, you can see: * Total sales generated * Repeat purchase rates * Revenue from discounts * Performance by email template * And so much more!

Get started today with our flexible plan that grows with your business.

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