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About Upedge

  • As an utility of product management, Upedge can instantly retrieve product information that already input and import products data needed from AliExpress.  
  • Products: Upedge has abundant hot products collected into repository for choosing, full of stock and being updated every day. You can get orders to approach you via pushing chosen products to your online shop with no cares of inventory and delivery. Upedge will cope with these things for you so that you can keep concentration on sales of hot products only.  
  • AliExpress Products: There are many completed products and details on AliExpress include photos, videos, text description etc. To import a particular product from AliExpress, please try the following steps: copy URL at the detail web page, paste the URL into rich text box with title “AliExpress Products”, split each URL with carriage return for a batch import, submit request and Upedge starts automatically parsing and retrieving data.  
  • My products: You can modify products here after importing products of intended from AliExpress or repository. Mostly, these products can be push to on-shelf on your online Shopify shop after a convenient amendment of price.  
  • Stores: If you have many online shops installed Upedge, you can browse and manage those shops at this tab, you can do the listed operation onto particular shop: refresh access token, synchronizing products with Shopify, set status of association.
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January 04, 2021

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