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Customized store pages based on URL, user location, and more!

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Connect 1:1 with Shoppers : Increase revenue using customized store pages. Personalization plays a big role in your conversion rates to get visitors to purchase.

Custom Landing Pages : Custom landing pages offer a seamless flow. You can brand your store pages based on where the visitor came from or where they are based.

Easy to Use No-Code Editor : Change and personalize every section of your store with our no-code editor. Easy to use, what you see is what you get tool.

Create personalized pages for your customers!

Use Uniqly to boost your conversion rate by offering personalized no-code customer experiences

Uniqly is a powerful, easy-to-use personalization tool that helps you get more out of your store. Our app allow brands to personalize the shopping experience, with engaging content.

Real World Examples:

  • Phone Cases Niche: Show iPhone images/text for customers using an iPhone or show Samsung images/text for customers using a Samsung.
  • Pets Niche: Run Facebook ads targeting dog owners and show personalized dog text and images to customers. Or target cat owners and show text and images containing cats. Personalization 101.
  • Influencer Campaigns: Create a personalized short URL( and show influencers images all over your store!
  • ... and more, the possibilities are endless!


Easy to use no-code editor

We made sure that our no-code editor is easy and intuitive so that every entrepreneur and marketer can start personalizing right away! Change every section of your store with two clicks!

Personalize by short URL, location, device, or UTM

You can show personalized content based on the customer's location and device. Or even create custom short URLs for your personalization campaign.

Selling phone cases? Create a personalized experience for iPhone users. Personalize your influencer campaigns by creating custom short URLs.

Metrics for every personalization campaign

You created your campaign and now what? Now let's monitor and see how your personalization campaigns boost the conversion rate.

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January 11, 2022
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Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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