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Upsell individual products à la carte, bundles & subscriptions

About Ultimate Upsell & Cross‑Sell

Upsell & cross-sell customers : Upsell & Cross-sell on the product, collection, cart and thank you pages. Replace items in cart with one-time or subscription upsell.

Bundle, add-on, subscription : Upsell bundles, product add-ons or subscriptions (from Subscription apps). Keep original SKUs in the orders. Apply a discount at checkout.

No coding required : Use our Setup tool to pick the upsell location. Or copy & paste the manual snippet in any product description, page, post or theme file.

Bold Subscriptions PayWhirl Seal Subscriptions Awtomatic Native Subscriptions Recharge

Cross-sell individual products (Product Add-ons)

Example: Customers add a watch to cart, and in addition to the main product, they “pimp” the product with an additional strap.

Upsell products together (Bundles)

Example: Customers buy a bundle that includes a computer, a mouse and a keyboard, and they save 30% over purchasing these 3 items individually. You can upsell products or only some specific variants.

We have 2 types of bundles:

  • Original bundle (which uses original products - same SKUs - and can be discounted via with an automatic discount)
  • Discounted bundle (which creates a new product at a lower price you choose. Customers can apply a discount code on top, at checkout).

URL based & RULE based upsell

Display the upsell when a page is visited and/or based on cart rules (which products are in the cart or what is the cart value):

  • On a specific product page
  • On all product pages of a collection
  • On a collection page
  • On any page (eg. blog post)
  • On the Cart page
  • On the Thank You page (after payment) - Uses Shopify's default checkout

Upsell subscriptions

You can upsell the one-time product or the subscription product or both. You can also display an upsell only if the one-time product is present inside the cart (or only if the subscription is present). You are now allowed to replace a one-time item in cart with a subscription-based upsell, or to upsell a bigger subscription if a subscription is already in cart, using our replacement mechanism.

We support most of the subscription apps using Shopify's checkout (Selling Plans), among others:

  • Recharge
  • Bold Subscriptions
  • PayWhirl Subscription Payments
  • Seal Subscriptions
  • Awtomatic Subscriptions
  • Native Subscriptions
  • And more apps using the Subscription API

Ultimate Upsell & Cross-sell has flexible styles

You can display upsells in 3 different ways:

  • Inside theme (useful for upselling add-on products)
  • In a popup (center of the screen)
  • In a notification (corner of the screen)

Ultimate Upsell & Cross-sell is easy to set up

You can use the Setup tool to insert the upsell in your store, or you can use the manual setup section to insert the upsell snippet anywhere in your store (page, blog post, any theme file). The manual setup allows you to copy & paste a snippet of code in any product description content, any page, blog post or theme file. It also allows more advanced customization, which usually pleases the ones with some coding skills.

Ultimate Upsell & Cross-sell is 100% mobile friendly

Ultimate Upsell & Cross-sell allows you to upsell add-ons and bundles without duplicate variants, keeping each item's SKU and without any coding needed for setup.

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February 18, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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