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Turn any image into an interactive product carousel

About Udundi Shop the Look

UPLOAD & TAG YOUR IMAGE : Upload a photo featuring several products to the dashboard and tag each item so customers can easily navigate to the product and checkout.

PUBLISH YOUR SECTION : Once your Look is ready, click “Publish” and follow the instructions to add the new interactive Shop the Look section to your site.

DRIVE CUSTOMER INTERACTION : Eliminate the guesswork and drive conversions by enabling customers to seamlessly interact with your lifestyle images.



Shop the Look offers online retailers a new way to showcase and upsell their products. Create an easy-to-follow visual guide to complement your already stunning lifestyle photography where products are featured. With a system of custom placed tags, a built-in product carousel, and an intuitive, minimalist layout any image can become its own digital showroom.

How can this app make my store better?

A typical visit to an online store can include some unintended guesswork. It goes without saying that having lifestyle and other product-centric photography prominently displayed throughout can improve the visual experience. But if that same image is causing someone to ask themselves, “Which one of their sweaters is that guy wearing?” (Or worse, “Do they even sell the sweater that guy is wearing on this website?”) an opportunity is being missed.

Shop the Look eliminates the guessing. Now you can explicitly show your customers which products in a lifestyle or other image are available to purchase, pricing and variants for each, and make adding to their cart that much easier, all without scrolling even a pixel past the image that wowed them in the first place.

They’ll no longer wonder where to find the items they’re most interested in, all without scrolling even a pixel past the image that wowed them in the first place.

Key Benefits

  • Turn any image into an opportunity to upsell.
  • Eliminate decision fatigue and simplify the user experience
  • Highlight multiple products from a single image.
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Launch date
August 05, 2022
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