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Increased Conversions : Customers only pay deposit for tried items, they keep what they truly love. Reduces risk, reduces cart abandonment and wins customer loyalty

Increased Order Values : The research shows customers buy more when they try more. Try@Home boosts purchasing confidence significantly increasing average order value

Reduced Refunds & Easy Returns : Refunds reduced by instant exchange orders and store-credits. Easy Returns admin with auto restocking /refunding action buttons on dashboard

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All-In-One – Platform

Our all-in-one platform will provide your customers with a Try before they Buy experience so they can try, touch and feel your products in the comfort of home for just a deposit. Being a whole platform not just a Try service means we streamline everything you need in the one place including customer returns, refunds, shipping, inventory, and logistics. Try@Home takes the pain out of the standard pay now, try later model of online shopping. A new way to offer convenience, comfort, and risk-free online shopping to enhance your customer’s experience. Risk free shopping in 4 easy steps: Customers select multiple items to Try, pay a deposit, Try items at home and only pay for what they keep. It has never been easier to delight your customers and grow your sales.

Increased Conversions

Customers pay a deposit for tried items and only pay for what they keep and love. Reduces risk, reduces cart abandonment, and wins customer loyalty.

Increased Order Values

Try@Home boosts purchasing confidence significantly which increasing average order value. The research shows when customers try more they buy more.

Reduced Refunds & Easy Returns

Refunds reduced with instant exchange orders and store-credits. Streamlined auto restocking and refunding action buttons on a smart dashboard make it fast and easy for you and your customers.

All-In-One – Platform

  • Try service
  • Split payments
  • Post-sale bundles and upsells
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping tracking
  • Returns portal with rapid exchange service
  • Instant store credits & curated refunds
  • Global reverse logistics
  • Customer reviews and promos

Key Features

  • Enriched cart experience which allows brands to control the features offered
  • Instant exchange enablement to reduce lost sales
  • Enhanced data capture for data & analytics reporting for improved decision making on styles, quality & sizes
  • Back-end processes simplification & automation to reduce expenses on apps & admin staff
  • Inventory full visibility & control to enable quicker re selling
  • Streamlined & automated refund process with smart prompts to rescue the sale

Additional Features

  • Email Notifications throughout the order journey to completion
  • Try Expiry Email Reminders
  • Auto-invoicing for expired Try orders
  • Extensive Return Reasons selection
  • Shopify discounts can be used as per usual
  • Automatic Shopify Restocking
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February 16, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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