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About Reviews & Photos

Longer reviews thanks to hints : Customers will always know what to write about. We've created text suggestion tools that helps writing longer and more meaningful reviews.

Boost sales with social proof : Show buyers company and product reviews. They won't have to look for them elsewhere.

Increase traffic : User-generated reviews make your website rank higher in search results. Present them on your website and enjoy the benefits of long content.


What is helps you collect keyword-filled customer reviews to improve your search engine results, entice potential customers, and build a rock-solid online image.

TrustMate introduced software that helps to create and manage reviews concerning e-commerce business. Due to automated review surveys, companies can become more trustworthy, attract new clients, get a better position in google searching. TrustMate provides services to well-known companies and small businesses.

TrustMate is a highly-rated customer marketing platform with all the tools you need to capture and showcase high-impact Customer content throughout their buying journey.

TrustMate - Reviews about the store and products

Generate valuable traffic on your website. Earn more than others!

What will you gain by using TrustMate?

  • Opinions about your company
  • Opinions about your products
  • Trustworthy Company Certificate
  • Business card in TrustMate
  • Widgets with company and product ratings - thanks to them, you will get stars in the google browser
  • Facebook feedback plugin
  • More traffic to the store's website
  • Reassuring new customers
  • You can upload already collected product reviews
  • Redirect traffic from collected reviews back to your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

Just create your account, and you have access to TrustMate services. No credit cards or other commitments are required.

How does TrustMate work?

We enable you to collect and present reviews. We help with building your credibility and increase traffic on your website.

How hard is it to integrate TrustMate?

You don't need technical skills. You can use our plugin and set up everything in several minutes.

Can I test the tool for free?

Of course, we have a 7-day trial. During that time you can invite customers with BONUS 1000 clients invitations.

What happens when the free trial ends?

After testing, we indicate which package is best for the client. If the customer does not want to use the paid version, he can use the FREE account.

When will I lose access to my account?

We do not block account access. A FREE account guarantees constant access to collected reviews.

How is paid account different from a free one?

All subscriptions include all features. The price varies depending on the number of invitations sent per month.

Will I get a higher invoice when I exceed the limit?

We don't do anything without our client's knowledge! If you send too many invitations, their excess accumulates in the sending queue. This means that you need a higher package, or you can wait for the limit to be renewed.

How long does the subscription last?

We have three subscription periods of 1 and 12 months.

Application is available in 21 languages.

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October 06, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: low impact to your online store

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