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Allow Customers to call your phone and increase revenues

About trunkd Click‑to‑Call

Click to call: no phone needed : A click to call button on your website allows customers to call your land line or cell phone without requiring a phone.

Increase customer satisfaction : Customer engagement is a key to growing sales. Ensure all calls are answered by a live person to improve conversion.

Set feature availability times : Set your availability or set store hours so you only get calls when you're available to take them.


trunkd Click-to-Call Dialer

Ensure you provide the best customer experience for your online store and gain additional revenue in return. With trunkd Click-to-Call, you can get set up within minutes and start taking calls directly on your land line or cell phone.

Open a line of communication with customers directly from your store

trunkd Click-to-Call is easy to use and sets up in minutes. When you’re done, you can start receiving calls from customers directly on your web store. It works on any desktop, laptop or mobile phone and the customer won’t incur any long distance charges - from anywhere in the world.

Calls go directly to your phone number you set

Once you register and verify your phone number, anytime someone clicks your Click-to-Call icon, it’ll connect you directly to them. No worrying about bad connections, as we use the connection method with the best call quality. In addition, your customer won't know the phone number they're calling, so if you've set it to your mobile phone number, they'll never know.

Set your availability for optimal work-life balance

Either set your availability manually, or set up business hours that will enable or disable your Click-to-Call icon. Having this flexibility and ability to switch out phone numbers allows you to take calls all day on your landline, or swap it with your mobile phone to provide the best customer service even when not in the office.

Transparent billing

Only pay for what you use. You’ll only be charged only for connected calls, and a call log is available for you to review.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Calls go directly to your phone number
  • Click-to-Call icon floats at the bottom of your store
  • Connect using the best available call quality (not the cheapest)
  • Take customer calls from all over the world without your customer incurring charges
  • Set business hours to enable and disable the feature
  • We don't store or collect any Personally identifiable information (PII)
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Launch date
May 15, 2020
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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